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LineCity by BlueBlankey
Story time:
This one's reeaaallly old, like almost 9 years old (freshman year of highschool). It's also the only one that's been framed and shown to other people that aren't family outside the internet.

To make it, I stared at a blank piece of paper for 3 or 4 days trying to decide what to draw in art class. One day I just got mad, grabbed a blue sharpie, and yolo'd. Within 2 hours it was done, only because the sharpie ran out of ink (the buildings in the background faded off as it died)

I slowly became less angry and more patient over the years, and my artstyle/output has changed with it... it sure would be cool to mix the two someday :)
Decimated Post-Apocalyptic MC model by BlueBlankey
Decimated Post-Apocalyptic MC model
Another old test of re-topologizing a Minecraft model into less polys. The process didn't work well enough to convince me to go ahead and complete the "city".

-Unearthed it recently and thought it was cute enough to post =P it's been hidden for about 2 1/2 years.
Very discouraged and depressed. I could use some nice words...
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GameConcept- Leg Layouts by BlueBlankey
GameConcept- Leg Layouts
Possible leg layouts for a bipedal character and their comparative stats on a scale of 1-3. The player character will proooobably be limited to being bipedal, but vehicle mechs will have a much wider range of options.

Loadbearing: how much weight the configuration can handle
Stability: how easy/hard it would be to slip and fall
Power: how much power the leg can output, for jumping and running
Maneuverability: how well the leg can pivot

These are overall structures, but I plan on the player being able to fine tune and upgrade individual components.
[edited a few values after posting]
Very discouraged and depressed. I could use some nice words...
  • Mood: Miserable



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Carpal tunnel at max velocity

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