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GameConcept- Leg Layouts by BlueBlankey
GameConcept- Leg Layouts
Possible leg layouts for a bipedal character and their comparative stats on a scale of 1-3. The player character will proooobably be limited to being bipedal, but vehicle mechs will have a much wider range of options.

Loadbearing: how much weight the configuration can handle
Stability: how easy/hard it would be to slip and fall
Power: how much power the leg can output, for jumping and running
Maneuverability: how well the leg can pivot

These are overall structures, but I plan on the player being able to fine tune and upgrade individual components.
[edited a few values after posting]
GameConcept- TriHierarchy #1 by BlueBlankey
GameConcept- TriHierarchy #1
....okaaaaay. lots of explaining to do.
Since Unreal engine 4 became available I've been wanting to make something big. For the last year I've been concepting out a framework for a procedural world building/ dynamic strategy game. I'm making a key point to be the ONLY developer working on this, to streamline the production flow by not having to "be on the same page" as other people throughout the convolution.
Why post this then? well.. I don't know, just thought someone might find it interesting. I'm also very much open to suggestions and criticism, so don't keep it to yourself :)
stuff and junk:

The philosophy behind the game is "a self recursive model definition based on an arbitrary variable using tri-linear dynamic abstraction". In other words, making the game I want by continuously dividing it into three more parts based on dynamicy. Sounds simple enough but I ran into some funny junk:
-It is NOT linear. The complexity increases exponentially with every iteration (pretty easy to see)
-The starting points have to be arbitrary to fit the simulation conditions. As in, I have to make the base structure work in Unreal4 AND still maintain dynamicy "balance". (not easy, but simple enough)
-Categories and iterations themselves have to be split by their own rules. As in, true dynamicy can only be achieved if the criteria for denoting what is "less" or "more" is split as well. (ok, understandable mostly)
-Splitting by dynamicy is not categorically iterative. As in, what's considered "less" or "more" is dependent on underlying AND overlying separate dynamic branches. (getting complicated)
-The interconnections of the branches are not categorically iterative either. Since the structure has come full circle, the initial element of "arbitrary" manifests itself on the final iterations. (what)
Which it all sounds complicated more or less, but once the dynamic is understood, the game basically makes itself.
Or LITERALLY makes itself, if one goes crazy with it.
Right now I'm just making a 6 iteration game based on arbitrary "wants". It'll generate tons of things like cities, vehicles, characters, landscapes, etc etc- but it won't generate completely new in-game dynamics or emergent self structuring. Theoretically, if a system were iterated by someone (or something) to the 12th level, it would be able to be self-recursive. It wouldn't be limited to what it could do, so unless it were contained in its medium, it would spark "the singularity".

The picture is a small representation on this monkey business. I'm no genius and I definitely have focus issues, so I concepted it on a subject I like- tanks. It's not all inclusive since it's only one branch, but it was good practice for getting an idea on what to expect.
Native Lineup- Female by BlueBlankey
Native Lineup- Female
...and now for something completely different.

A kind of stereotypical lineup of females from the different factions in ""my world"". I chose a time period I thought was 'the most exciting' for comparing/contrasting the different types of critters. (just calling them 'natives' for now, also the titles of the factions are simply descriptive)
If I can figure out a way to efficiently do 2d art, I could maybe attempt the large amount of other concepts- but yeeeeea I'm much more used to 3d if you haven't already guessed.

More backstory:
The 'regals' are the most technologically advanced group. They live in a type of utopia where they think they have free will but really don't. The majority of them are physically altered, and all are under a form of mind control, keeping them happy and satisfied with their livelihoods. In this time period, they're preoccupied with preventing biosynthetic automations from taking their power stations. (description on that- )

The 'liberators' are a coalition of groups that don't like the idea of mind control. Many are escaped regals that found they prefer freedom over stability. They also think the regals are abusing their power, so they actively assist the automations by sabotaging the regal's defenses. So they're not technically at war with each other, but tensions are high. The liberators often have more technical expertise than other non-regal natives, so they often make a living by manufacturing and/or stealing heavy equipment.

The 'mediators' are the natives that don't really want mind control, but also don't want to fight it. They attempt to stay on the 'good side' of everyone, and usually are. They are very industrious with farms and refineries, and many of them amass great wealth. They are generally submissive but can defend themselves in rare situations.

The 'tribals' are the groups of natives that don't really want to participate in the furor of massive advancement. They tend to be very hospitable and live spiritually/religiously. Although they don't actively make new technologies, they utilize what they can, so their quality of life really isn't much less than the other factions. They are usually nomadic and trade often with the mediators and liberators.
I'm going to start documenting my progress with that procedural 'game' idea I have going on. I'd love some feedback about it, since I always want to talk about it even though there's no one here to talk to.
Yes that's a good thing, now that my parents and all the kids went on vacation for a few weeks, I have no one to bother me. No excuse not to be productive :)
Also will work on "my world" things, but that's secondary. Time for some real progress!
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